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Weekends are MORE MUSIC weekends on Classic Oldies, so less talk and even more tunes to sing along to!!! yes admit it we all do even us here at Classic Oldies.

What's on this week?

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    More themed days

    Classic Oldies broadcasts regular themed days and features. Every Monday kick back and relax with our "MOTOWN MONDAY" featuring tracks from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and The Jackson 5.
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    Specialist days

    Tuesday sees our "TWIN SPIN TUESDAY" with at least one double dip from your favourite artists all day! Every Friday you can hear four Beatles songs EVERY HOUR on "THE FAB FOUR FRIDAY!"
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    No repeat workday

    Each weekday day between 9am and 5pm we'll guarantee NEVER to repeat a song. The No Repeat Workday means you'll hear more variety because we won't just play one oldie by each artist, we'll play loads of them.
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    Weekends are full of fun

    And every weekend we dig out more Elvis and Beatles hits on the Beatles and Elvis A-Z weekend!

    Check out more on these and our other Classic Oldies shows on our programme schedule page.

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