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It's very rare to find a radio station today that plays Great 1950s and 60s music and Classic Oldies is your radio station for non stop Oldies. Many of you tell us you don't want the music spoilt with adverts like the big stations do and so we won't include them. As a consequence we have to survive on donations from our loyal band of listeners. Our station is totally run by volunteers and none of us are paid, we do it because we have a passion for the music.

We need to raise £1,500 to keep the service going as we need to pay for the running of the website, the music servers and paying the high cost of the music royalty fees. If we struggle to find the funds we may not be able to continue providing the service you've come to love and expect.

Can you help keep us going? please donate whatever you can by clicking the Donate button below. Your donation be it small or large will be gratefully received and will help us to continue to play the Greatest Oldies from the 1950s and 60s.

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From the team at Classic Oldies we thank you in advance for your help in supporting your favourite oldies radio station.

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