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Peter Marsham

Peter Marsham

Start your day with Peter Marsham's Wake Up Club.

Peter was born on 7th December 1974. His mother has sadly never got her figure back.

The number one that day was You're the First, the Last, My Everything by Barry White.

Peter grew up in Kingston Upon Hull - the new City of Culture!

He's appeared on other radio stations including Minster FM in York, Trax FM in Doncaster, Home FM (later Pennine FM) in Huddersfield, Lincs FM in Lincoln, Hallam FM in Sheffield, Alpha FM in Darlington, Sun FM in Sunderland, Durham FM in guess what Durham, Silk FM in Cheshire, Thames Radio in South-West London and Yorkshire Coast Radio in Scarborough.

Peter was one of the owners and Programme Controller of West Hull Community Radio in his home town of Hull when in 2009 was awarded the SONY Gold Award for Best Local Radio Station in Yorkshire.

Peter has now joined Classic Oldies to present the Wake Up Club.

Here's 3 things you may not know about Peter:

Peter has to get up at 4.50am every weekday morning.

Peter is married to Megan and they are proud parents to Isla and Isaac.

Peter has a Cockapoo called Ozzy.

Peter has worked his Community Wish Magic for just under 5 years. His organisation is completely volunteer based. There are no salaries paid and no professional fundraisers are hired. Well over 90% of the money that is contributed goes right back out to the families in need.

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Join Peter Marsham for his Wake Up Club every weekday from 7am and wake up the right way with all your favourite 50's and 60's songs plus features and competitions to get your brain working and shake off the sleepydust.

Paul Denton

Paul Denton

Let Paul take you through the afternoon with the Afternoon Oldies Party.

Born in Sheffield South Yorkshire otherwise known as God's country, Paul has worked in radio for as long as he can remember on stations all over the Yorkshire map.

Back in the nineties he was one of the owners of Meadowhall Radio in Sheffield which was famous throughout the city and is still fondly remembered to this day. Now he's thrilled to be on Classic Oldies playing songs that don't get enough airtime these days.

Paul is an avid jet setter with a trip to Florida usually on the cards. As well as travelling Paul likes science fiction, computers, the internet, 50's and 60's music, spending time with his mates and enjoying being a total radio "anorak".

Paul dislikes early mornings, cold weather, snow and he doesn't like people who eat kebabs and chefs that put garlic into every dish!

Favourite Album: Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds

Favourite Single: The Archies - Sugar Sugar

Paul presents his show the 'Afternoon Oldies Party' on Classic Oldies from 2pm until 5pm every weekday and join him on Saturday mornings for 'Down At The Diner' 9-1pm.

Tim Disney

Tim Disney

Listen out for Tim on The Gold Rush - weekday lunchtimes

A popular DJ on Nottingham's Trent FM during his two spells at the station, Tim first started there in 1987 and worked his way up through the ranks until finally getting on the air two years later!

That was followed by a spell 'darn sarf' working on Classic Gold with DLT, Mike Read, Paul Burnett and others, and then to Worksop for the Breakfast Show at the launch of Trax FM. He then became the Programme Controller of Peak 107 in Chesterfield before returning to Trent in 2003.

A trained actor, Tim has appeared in various BBC network radio dramas and television roles. He now runs a film archive that locates and preserves lost television programmes and films and supplies clips to the BBC, ITV and supplies material to the British Film Institute.

Tim loves the oldies and that's what he's playing a lot of here on Classic Oldies!

Join Tim 10-2pm Monday to Friday for 'The Gold Rush' and on Sunday afternoons for 'Golden Sunday' 12-4pm.

Chelle Fontaine

Chelle Fontaine

Listen out for Chelle on Classic Oldies

From the stage to the air waves, Chelle Fontaine is a vibrant personality with years of public speaking, improvisational, and theatrical experience. Her training began at a very young age in the performing arts, making her a strong triple-threat performer.

Chelle has a BA in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida, and is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Her professional career began with a ten-year run in the theatre, followed by a two-year shift of teaching middle school, and then finally settling into her current profession, and love, radio. Chelle is passionate about oldies music.

Chelle is dedicated to the art of radio broadcasting, and is thrilled to be a part of the Classic Oldies team.

Listen to Chelle on weekdays 'Sixties at 6' 6-7pm - 'The Evening Cruise' 7-8pm plus 'Backseat Memories' 10-11pm - On Saturday's "Music Marathon" 4-6pm, then on Sunday the "Sunday Spectacular" 4-6pm and "Sixties at 6" 6-7pm.

Marvellous Marvin

Marvellous Marvin

Classic Oldies 'Mr Smoothy'.

Marvellous Marvin was raised by a pack of wild records! His dad, "Marv Boone," was a DJ until rock and roll came out and his dad said, "I can't play that noise," and became a newsman.

Marvin was infected with the radio bug early - but he actually worked for a living and played drums in various bands. That's until he realised he could just show up in clubs, and DJ's get free drinks without having to haul around drums.

He started his radio career in 1977 on American radio station WGUL in Tampa, Florida.

Marvin is a much sought after voice-over artist and you may recognise his deep voice from numerous TV and radio commercials. Marvin enjoys playing his favourite music - the greatest hits of the rock and roll era. He has a beautiful bride, Pamela, and around two cats.

Marvin on...

Women: Once broke up with a girlfriend because she didn't like Louis Armstrong. Married three times, since 2002 to Pamela, who was escorted down the aisle by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. They met when she was caller No. 9. He accidentally hung up on her.

First song he remembers: Splish, Splash, Bobby Darin's 1958 hit.

Band: Songwriter, drummer for the Stumbling Troubadors.

Fan Club: Mountain musician Ralph Stanley and bluesman Muddy Waters. "He has the countenance of Buddha."

Catch Marvin weekdays with the "Music Marathon" 5-6pm and Saturday and Sunday breakfast 7-9am

Greg Dukeson

Greg Dukeson

Listen out for Greg on The Evening Express 8-10pm

Greg worked and lived in the Middle East for five years before coming back to England. His radio experience has taken him to a number of different stations both in the UK and abroad but Greg is pleased to be back home with a gig on Classic Oldies!

What’s your favourite film?
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind with Jim Carrey - my fave film or most films with Nicholas Cage

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Tim Disney, Paul Denton and of course, the housewife's favourite - Peter Marsham...... oh, and Chico and can I include Basil Brush?

What sport do you watch?
Football. Don't do Rugby or Cricket as they're far too intelligent and complicated to understand. Ball in the back of the net - get a point - none of this confusing - six for this, four for that or conversions or touch downs - I just want to know when someone's scored!

What's the best meal you can cook?
I quite enjoy cooking but, to pin point my best meal, I reckon you wouldn't go too far wrong with my roast dinner - my roast potatoes are the best in the land and would be willing to compete in a roast-potato cook off to prove it - come and have a go if you think your spuds are good enough.

If you gave it all up tomorrow then what other job would you like to do?
Serious bit, there is nothing I'd rather do than this job so, would prefer not to think about it - I've done quite a few things from running a pub to working as a head hunter but, I've always worked in radio, always, always, always, always......!

Join Greg every weekday evening with the "Evening Express" 8-10pm, Saturdays with "Saturday Night at the Oldies" 7-11pm and Sunday mornings 9-12pm

David Sibbald

David Sibbald

Join David for some classic Nostalgia

A Scot from Edinburgh, but at university in Glasgow, David embarked on his radio career at Radio Clyde in the Newsroom. But the attraction of teaching Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French was too strong to resist.

In 1985, he moved abroad (to England!) and managed to own a restaurant, while teaching part-time. He had a regular Nostalgia programme on Yorkshire Dales Radio and after finally retiring from teaching, he found himself doing a daily breakfast show on a radio station near Harrogate.

David is happy to be involved in things relating to the 1950s, as he believes that is where his true forte lies.

We hope David's focus on this area of music will help you find music you already love or would like to be introduced to. David also brings you a spectacular 60's show every Saturday too.

The 60's Show on Saturday from 6pm and the Nostalgia Club on Sunday from 8pm features music but with David's little stories about each record that perhaps we didn't know.

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