Peter Marsham's Community Wish Fund

Peter Marsham's Community Wish Fund

All about us

Peter has worked his Community Wish Magic for just under 5 years. His organisation is completely volunteer based. There are no salaries paid and no professional fundraisers are hired. Well over 90% of the money that is contributed goes right back out to the families in need.

WHO: We mainly help families who live in the Yorkshire area. Most families we help are those that have fallen on hard times due to job loss, illness, lack of child support or other problems. Generally, these families have fallen by the wayside of public assistance and just need a helping hand.

WHAT: We provide families with money, a cheque, toys and/or certificates/vouchers.

WHERE: The money we raise stays in the Yorkshire area. In order to save expenses, we run Community Wish out of the offices of Classic Oldies Radio.

HOW: Relatives, friends or those in need are welcome to send letters that explain the hard times that are upon them. All letters are read and evaluated. Wishes are granted both on and off the air.

WHY: Because Peter Marsham's Community Wish Fund, along with Classic Oldies Radio care about those who are in need in the Yorkshire area communities.

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Community Wish grant. We look for families or individuals who are deserving. Please, understand THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION, therefore, all information must be factual.

To help a family or to receive help, we MUST have a written application or letter. We CANNOT accept phone calls to explain a family’s situation. A member of the Community Wish team reviews each application. Please be aware that we receive many applications, while we understand that you may have questions, we cannot follow up every application. IF WE HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR FAMILY OR YOUR SITUATION, WE WILL CALL YOU.

Please know that anything you send to us will not be returned.

We must have a letter that gives us the person's name, (first and last), phone numbers for the family, an address for the family, and quickly tells us of their situation. We must also have the first and last name and phone number of the person who is writing the letter. If you are writing for yourself and your family, it will not be necessary to include this duplicated information.

We will grant as many wishes as funds allow. Please, no previous recipients.

Thank you
The Peter Marsham Community Wish team

Questions Call 07522 353-849

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